At eJoventut we believe we have a responsibility to actively help our community and support the next generation. We consider that businesses have a key role to play in addressing societal problems and that is why we try to create a common purpose by collaborating in projects and creating initiatives that deliver what society needs.
Partnership with H2H
H2H offers consulting projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It is the bridge between university students from the world’s leading institutions to entrepreneurs with high growth and sustainable ventures. They support ventures’ acceleration through their global network, mentorship program, speaker series hosted by leading experts, exposure to investors and collaboration with top-tier talent.
Innovation Quest's NGO
Donation of  equipment for medical staff
Given the COVID19 outbreak and the worldwide quarantine, we were compelled to cancel 2020 Consulting Academy as we had originally planned and reorganize the event into a fully remote program.
Following its face to face cancellation, eJoventut successfully organized a solidarity initiative in order to raise money to buy new essential equipment for the protection of the health professionals. The campaign raised more than 2500€ and on April 14, all the equipment was delivered to Hospital Clinic of Barcelona medical staff. 
Juntes fem camí
On November 29, we collaborated in an event with FC Barcelona and Grup Edelmira Calvetó, in which we honored women in sport and gave them visibility. Thus, the event’s main objectives were to highlight the current struggle for gender equality in the sports world and recognize female athletes through a compelling hand-made visual storytelling.
Corona Check
During quarantine, we co-conducted a project alongside Dawn Consulting in which we studied the viability to obtain funds with a crowdfunding campaign. Our client was a start-up that was developing an app to track risk of infection to COVID and notify its users about the risks of exposure, without collecting any personal information.
The main objective was to analyze different channels for promoting the crowdfunding and study what targets would invest in it so as to develop proper strategies. Conclusively, we concluded that a crowdfunding was not the most viable option for our client.
Impact Consulting

A global network of aspiring and professional consultants who provide consulting to social impact organisations.


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